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For artists at every level, beginner to advanced, the Art Academy affords a relaxing environment with a result driven program of foundational art training. Understanding that technical proficiency is the underpinning of all good art, the Academy offers a rigorous program to develop these skills. Employing a unique approach of contemporary methods built upon the traditions of the old masters, the Academy provides an education that quickly delivers results to its students.

Classes in charcoal rendering and oil painting are the backbone of the Academy's offerings. In addition to these foundations, highly specialized classes in professional illustration and portfolio preparation are available. All traditional classes at the Academy are taught by founder Kevin Murphy. His twenty years of experience as a professional Illustrator, Art Director, and Portraitist enables him to provide Academy students an insight typically reserved for those attending the top universities of the world.

Contact us for a free trial class to see for yourself.


Kevin Murphy is an internationally recognized award winning portrait painter and illustrator. Kevin created nearly 250 commercial illustrations for such major entities as:

  • The Rolling Stones

  • Sega

  • National Geographic

  • Lucas Arts

  • Viacom

  • Barnes and Nobel


In 1999, Kevin transitioned from illustration into more classical avenues of traditional painting, primarily focusing on portraiture. With a growing interest to share the knowledge and experience he had accumulated over 2 decades as a professional artist, Kevin founded the Art Academy in October of 2009. His goal was simply to open the world of art making to anyone that was interested in becoming part of this wonderful and historic tradition. 



Art Academy students have been broadly recognized in both student and professional level competitions, obtaining national and international acclaim. However, being able to create exception art isn’t enough. We gauge success by a higher standard: Return on investment.


Art Academy students have enjoyed a 100% acceptance rate into top tier art universities with an average scholarship of $80,000. Presidential level scholarships are the norm at the Art Academy. 



“As the owner of Maimeri, I have traveled and have had the opportunity to visit many of the world’s greatest art institutions. I would say to the students here [at the Art Academy] that they are very fortunate to have such a school available to them. This is one of the finest programs I have come across in all my years. The results I see here in such a young body of students is rare and very impressive.”
— Gianni Maimeri, Owner of Maimeri Artist Materials (Milan, Italy)

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